About Us

• To deliver high quality products on-time to our customers at competitive prices.
• To be the most respected and innovative supplier enabling our customers to create advanced Tube components for the Power generation, Earth moving Infrastructural, transportation, agriculture, and consumer products industries.
• To solve the operational problems of our customers with brilliant and bespoke solutions that makes our customers' businesses more successful.portunities for personal growth, improved co-working and shared life enrichment of our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate.

• The vision of Sharada Engineering is be the revolutionary force in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering.
Our brand will represent quality and innovation that rivals any company anywhere.

Caring :
• We will be caring and attentive to the well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers, community, and investors.

• We will utilize an adaptable, empowered, self-motivated work force to respond to opportunities and challenges.

Integrity :
• We believe integrity is the hallmark of business. Without integrity and professionalism, we don’t deserve your trust or your business.

Openness :
• We’re open to change and new ideas from our employees, customers and others. We explore new ways to continually grow our business through teamwork.

Customer Satisfaction :
• Commit ourselves to become a customer-focused organization. Promote long – term business relationship.

Operational Excellence :
• Follow continuous improvement process in all business activities. Achieve excellence in every thing we do.

Company Goals :
• To become leader in Fabrication and sheet metal parts for Genset /Automobile sector.

• An ISO 9001:2015 certified.

• Plant located at Pune (Maharashtra).

• Turn Over year 2020–21 : 5.2 Cr

• Plot Area : 15000 Sq.ft.

• Built up area : 14000 Sq.ft.

• Open space available : 1000 Sq. ft.

“We are committed to fulfilling all requirements, including those which specified by our customers, industry standards and statutory regulations. We are committed to the continual improvement of products, services and processes including and improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.”


• Ambika Engineering

• Jass Automative Pvt. Ltd.

• Poona Radiator Pvt. Ltd.

• Akash Metal Works Pvt. Ltd.

• Bharat Auto Pvt. Ltd.

• Mahindra Power Ltd.

• Banco Limited

• Greaves Cotton Ltd

• Waichai Group

• Kirloskar Pneumatics Limited

• Nissu Radiator Private Limited

• Powerica Limited

• Sudhir Limited

• Supernova Limited


Targeted Turn Over (2022-2023) – 6.2 Cr
Targeted Turn Over (2023-2024) – 8.00 Cr

• Planned Infrastructure
• New Factory Building at Pune by July 2025.
• ISO-TS 16949 Certification by Sept 2024.
• ISO-TS 14001 Certification by Sept 2025.
• Installation of new equipment's.

      ▪ Welding Capacity with Programmable Machines.
     ▪ Atomize Cell Rolling and welding Machine.
     ▪ CNC Pipe bending machine with capacity of 127 MM
     ▪ Shot Blasting Machine.